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Getting Support from Social Services

If you need extra support to live at home, you may be able to get support from Richmond Social Services. Social care is means tested so not everyone will get financial support from social services, but everyone can get advice and information.

Step 1
Contact Richmond Direct on 020 8891 7971. They will ask you a series of questions about the support that you need. They can give you information and advice about accessing social care.

Step 2 
Once they have all the information that they need they will refer your case to a local team who will get in contact with you to arrange a face to face assessment.
A social worker will come to your home and will complete an assisted self assessment Questionnaire with you. They will ask you questions about the difficulties you are living with and the impact your disability or impairment is having on your life. It is a good idea to have a close friend or relative there when the assessment is being completed because they may have observed the difficulties that you are experiencing.

Step 3
The social worker will then go away and will calculate, based on your answers to the assessment questions how much money you will be offered to fund your support needs. This is a suggested amount and is called your Personal Budget. 

Step 4
You will then need to write a plan to show how you are going to get your needs met. You can write this plan yourself, the council can help you with this. The plan explains: how you will spend your money in a way that makes sense to you, how it helps you to overcome the difficulties you face and also helps you to achieve your goals in the way that you want. Once your plan is complete it need to be submitted to Social Services to be agreed.

Step 5
Once the plan is agreed then you can start to get the support that you need. If you have chosen to take control of your support and are receiving a Direct Payment, you will need to set up a separate bank account into which the payments will be made. As soon as this is set up (which sometimes takes a little while) you can start to purchase the services that you require, engage with an agency of your choice or recruit your own staff.

Step 6
Put plan into action - Live your life!
You will need to tell the council about how you have met your needs and Outcomes. They will meet with you to discuss what has worked and what has not worked and what you are planning to do next. This meeting usually takes place once per year but if your circumstances change you can request a review at any time.

If you have not had an annual review you should contact Social Services via the Access Team on 020 8891 7971.